Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Dog Aggression Epidemic | Victoria Stilwell Positively

Just another reason to NEVER buy a pupy sight unseen online.

Proper socialization is paramount to having a well adjusted, stable dog. Many people use that as an excuse to buy a puppy and raise it themselves so they can be sure it will be properly raised. BUT, proper socialization needs to start way before you should have the pup in your home and if you meet an adult dog that is for adoption, an experienced person can tell if that dog has a stable temperament. What you see is what you guessing on what the genetics or very early experiences of your new pup may bring!

The Dog Aggression Epidemic | Victoria Stilwell Positively

Sunday, February 8, 2015

AKC.....Stop Registering Puppy Mill Dogs.

Why Won't the AKC Stop Puppy Mills?

Time Magazine once said that the best use of AKC papers is to housetrain your puppy. AKC papers should the MINIMUM you expect from a breeder. The only thing AKC registration may tell you in that the puppy may be a "purebred". MAYBE. "Breeders" cheat all the time. As a practicing veterinarian I knew breeders who would register a little of 10 pups with AKC when there were really only 7. So....who were the extra three AKC papers for?

This type of deception and much worse happens all the time, AKC doesn't check.

BEWARE that AKC has no health standards that they enforce. They do make lots and lots of suggestions and put on a good public face but those suggestions are not required for registration and no one checks. Send money, get AKC papers.

Don't be fooled by USDA licensed "breeders" selling AKC registered puppies. USDA in the Dept of AGRICULTURE, your puppy is a cash crop treated like livestock.

No matter how you feel about how we raise hogs or chickens most people agree that the intended use for that animal is quite different than the intended use for a pup. Puppies will often be expected to be part of the family, sleep on the kids' beds and be friendly. If a puppy is raised in a chaotic, dirty, crowded cage during its most sensitive behavioral development period expecting a healthy, social dog is folly.

Proper positive socialization of young puppies is critical. Visit and learn what else reputable breeders do so you won't be fooled into supporting animal cruelty and consumer fraud!