Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Tip Off a Seller Should Be Avoided

On our "About Breeders" page, we have a list of Tip Offs that a puppy seller should be avoided.
What we have listed are the most common but we want to add one more VERY important tip off:

Reputable breeders understand canine behavior and development, they do not separate pups from their mothers at an early age. Puppies need litter mates and mom to develop normally physically and behaviorally until they are at least 7 weeks of age. Staying with mom longer is even better.

DO NOT BUY from a breeder who wants to sell a pup to you at 5 or 6 weeks of age. All that means is they are probably tired of cleaning up after the litter or they don't know any better. Either way, walk away.  It is not in the puppy's best interest and therefore not in your best interest to purchase a pup whose socialization has been stunted.

For more information, including signs of a reputable breeder, check out PupQuest's About Breeders page.


  1. Yes, Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A puppy has stages just like children. A mother teaches and correct, the are a valuable part of the process. Also it is the law in the state of Connecticut no dog may legally go anywhere before the age of 8 weeks.
    I commend you efforts in making people aware of what unsavory people will do to "get rid of a puppy" when it becomes a job, not a passion.
    Also never under estimate the runt of the litter
    many times they were just the last egg fertilized and are a little behind.
    New Watch Labradors

  2. Always make sure you visit the puppy and see it with its mother. Never buy first visit either.

  3. Watch out for Puppy Territory site. Ive called so many numbers on there and none are in the same city, they wont answer phone and only text or use their email. Somethings just not right about the people selling dogs on tjat site!!

    1. This looks like a site with a lot of RED FLAGS. Follow the PupQuest advice on identifying a reputable breeder or rescue.